- Output: 75V, 3,200 VA
- Digital switch mode output
- High efficiency voltage source
- External interlock circuitry
- Shaker field supply models

The Labworks dPA-153 Class D switch mode Power Amplifier utilizes patented high-efficiency output circuitry to provide the high voltage random vibration peaks required to drive the shakers to their rated maximum output at a fraction of the input power required by conventional linear amplifiers. The user-friendly front panel digital display indicates the operational status of the amplifier's output as well as a complete set of vibration shaker system diagnostics. The amplifier monitors all vital shaker system parameters to protect against vibration system damage and reports the cause for any amplifier limiting or protective shutdowns via its digital display .

The dPA-153 Amplifier family features internal protection from both over current and over temperature conditions insuring long term amplifier reliability. Full external interlock capability is provided to guard against payload damage as may be required by a vibration test program or critical specimen parameter.

Four models of the dPA-153 are available, matched to Labworks most popular shaker systems:

   Labworks Shaker     Amplifier Model

        ET-140                 dPA-153-0

        FG-143                dPA-153-3

        ET-127                 dPA-153-7

        ET-139                 dPA-153-9

General Specifications
Output voltage 75 V rms
Output current 43 A rms Max
Heat dissipation 300 W typ., 600 W max.
Frequency response  
   5 - 4000 Hz -3.0 dB
   2 - 6000 Hz -4.5 dB
Max. voltage gain 45 dB
Cooling: 2-speed fans, automatic
  200 cfm, 90° F max
Input impedance 10 k-ohms
Digital Panel Display:  
  Volts, pk 10 segment bar graph + 3 Dig
  Amps, rms 10 segment bar graph + 3 Dig.
  Shaker System Diagnostics
  Internal Amplifier Diagnostics
  External Interlocks Fault Open and Fault Closed
  Operational Current Limiting, Temperature
Dimensions 8.8"H x 19"W x 17"D
Interlock circuit Fault open and Fault Closed
  External, user Ext. switch or 5V TTL
  Shaker Cooling, Field Supply
Shaker Field power , internal PA-153-0, -7
Dimensions 8.8"H x 19"W x 16"D

  PA-153-0 PA-153-3 PA-153-7 PA-153-9
Shaker ET-140 FG-143 ET-127 ET-139
Amp. Weight 85 lbs 80 lbs 115 lbs 75 lbs
Input Power 2100 VA* 2300 VA* 3500 VA* 1750 VA
Current Limit 25 A 43 A 43 A 22 A
  120*, 200-240 Vac, 50-60 Hz, 1 phase
*This Power level is not available in a standard USA 115-120 V outlet.
Amplifier Options

Rack panel enclosure

BNC signal cables