- 60 pounds pk sine force
- 3.0 inch stroke
- Armature Collett sizes:
     1/32",1/16",1/8", 5/32", 1/4"
- 1/4" Through hole
- Low stray magnetic field
- Frequency range DC - 10,000 Hz
- Trunnion mounting base
- Stinger Kit


The MT-163 Modal Thruster's compact size and extra long stroke armature make it well suited for all types of modal testing. The MT-163 Thruster has a compression collet stinger attachment and features a central through-hole suitable for modal stinger and pre-tensioned wire testing applications. The MT-163 trunnion base facilitates bolting the shaker in place for rigid applications or the use of adjustable mounting feet. Four mounting holes located on each side of the universal trunnion base provide a convenient method for hanging the thruster for suspended applications and a large hole through the base bottom allows long stinger rods and wires to pass completely throught the thruster and trunnion base in virtually any thruster angle position.

Reliability is assured through the use of the unique, dual linear ball bearing armature suspension design. This design provides for very low axial stiffness while retaining very high lateral stiffness. Cushioned rolling components insure against unwanted harmonics and distortion. The Thrusters low force recentering spring helps to keep the armature centered for low compliance test setups. When combined with the correct Labworks linear power amplifier, the resulting system is unmatched for reliability, performance and cost.

General Specifications          
Sine force  
  Natural cooling 30 lbf pk
  With cooling vacuum* 60 lbf pk
Max displacement 3.0 in
Maximum velocity 120 ips pk
  Bare table 24 g pk
  1 lb load 17 g pk
  5 lb load 8 g pk
Maximum acceleraton  
  Resonant 200 g pk
Armature weight 2.5 lb
Suspension stiffness 3.3 lb/in
Rated armature current, Arms  
  Natural cooling: -1, -2 15 A, 9 A
  With blower: -1, -2 30 A, 18 A
Frequency range2 DC-6500 Hz
Fundamental resonance2 4000-5000 Hz
Stray magnetic field  
  Measured 1.5" above collet <8 gauss
  Measured 1.0" from body <20 gauss
Cooling 100 CFM/15 in H2O
Dimensions 14.1"H x 7.5"W x 6.5"D
Shaker weight 54 lbs
1Please see systems ratings for additional specifications.  
2Load dependent.  


MS-129-163 Modal Stinger Kit
*CB-152-163 Cooling Vacuum, required for
continuous operation above 30 lb