dLW140.153-110 System



The dLW140.153-110 is our strongest compact shaker system. Capable of up to 110 lbs. sine and full 80 lbs-rms random force, the 3-inch diameter armature table is suitable for larger loads that require high vibration levels. The shaker's full 1-inch armature stroke capability is ideal for many modal as well as low and high frequency general applications. The air cooled dPA-153 dLAB shaker amplifier delivers full system performance while minimizing power and amplifier cooling requirements. The amplifier's multi-function digital display provides amplifier operational status as well as system peripheral and complete vibration system operational diagnositcs. Built in shaker-specific current limiting and full internal, system and external electrical interlock connections and logic help protect the system and test specimen from accidental abuse. A lateral flexure table base system is available for larger and heavier loads or loads with a high center of gravity.

General Specifications
Sine force 110 lbs force pk
Random force 80 lbf rms random
Shock force 240 lbf pk shock
Frequency Range: 2.0 to 6,500 Hz
Maximum Acceleration: 110 g pk, bare table
55 g pk, 1 lb. load
10 g pk, 10 lb. load
Maximum Displacement: 1.0 inch pk-pk, bare table
Cooling: Amplifier: forced air
Shaker: cooling vacuum
Power Requirements: 2,100 VA @ 120*, 200-240V, single phase 50/60 Hz

*This power level is not available from a standard USA 120 V outlet.

System Components
ET-140 Electrodynamic Shaker
dPA-153-0 dLAB Digital Power Amplifier
    with Integrated ET-140 Field Supply
CB-152-140 Cooling Vacuum
Interconnect Cables and Hoses
System Options
DB-140 - DuoBase
VL-144/VL-145 Vibration Controller
SC-121 Sine Servo Controller
SG-135 Manual Sine Controller
Rack Cabinet
Accelerometer Package
SI-140 Base Isolation Mounts