The LW142.151-2 system is the smallest in our expanding line of Inertial Shaker systems. The PA-151 amplifier easily supplies the power required to gain the maximum performance from the shaker, The mounting convenience of the FG-142 makes this system ideal when a light-weight, portable system is desired for general purpose testing as well as modal excitation of larger test specimens. The inertial shaker concept eliminates the need for fixturing, in most cases, because of its insensitivity to mounting postion and internal reaction mass design. Since there is no external armature mounting surface, (the whole transducer vibrates) simply mount the FG-142 to the test specimen, utilizing its single through hole mounting, in any orientation desired and commence testing. Multiple shakers can be implemented on complex or compliant structures to gain a more uniform excitation than can be had from traditional shakers under these conditions. Operation up to 2 lbf is possible without cooling further simplifying the installation to that of running two small wires between the amplifier and the shaker. A small amount of filtered shop / small compressor air allows full force operation of the FG-142 up to 4 lbf.

General Specifications
Sine force 2 lbf pk (natural convection)
4 lbf pk (forced cooling)*
Random force 1.4 lbf rms (natural cooling)
2.8 lbf rms (forced cooling)*
Frequency Range: 10 to 3,000 Hz

Maximum Acceleration:
(Forced Air Cooling)

12.0 g pk, bare table
9.3 g pk, 0.1 lb. load
5.5 g pk, 0.4 lb. load
Maximum Acceleration:
(Natural Cooling)
6.0 g pk, bare table
4.7 g pk, 0.1 lb. load
2.8 g pk, 0.4 lb. load
Maximum Displacement:

0.20 inch p-p, bare table
0.35 inch p-p, resonant load

Cooling: Amplifier: natural convection
Shaker: natural convection / forced air *
Power Requirements: 300 VA @ 100, 115, 220, or 230V, single phase 50/60 Hz
System Components
FG-142 Inertial Shaker
PA-151 Linear Power Amplifier

*Cooling air recommended for continuous operation above 1 lbf
(3.5 CFM @ 5 psi)

System Options
SC-121 Sine Servo Controller
SG-135 Manual Sine Controller
Amplifier Rack Mount Brackets
Amplifier Cabinet