Labworks VibeLab Controllers:
Unmatched in Performance/Cost Value
  Demonstration software [28MB]



  - Comes completely assembled and tested with everything you need including
     computer, software, monitor, printer, keyboard, and accelerometer with built-in
     signal conditioning. NOT A KIT, ready to run.

  - Straightforward Virtual Instrument operating under Windows™

  - Automatic profile calculation of acceleration, velocity, and displacement

  - Vibration Test System capabilities automatically cross checked with programmed test

  - Accelerometer sensitivity automatically cross checked with programmed test

  - Complete and detailed online help for both novice and experienced users

  - Password protection and extensive report generating capabilities

VL-144x VibeLab Pro
Full Featured, Dual Input Channel, Sine, Random and Shock Vibration Controller
• Control on either input channel, average, or extremel (acceleration or force on ch2)
• Plot all normal functions plus channel to channel transmissibility
• Plot channel to drive transmissibility
• Accelerometer calibration mode
• Sine resonance search and dwell
• Selectable resolution/bandwidth in random
• Classical Shock + MILSTD 810 SRS
• Three level password access w/individual function lockout
• Full Kurtosis peak acceleration control in random
VL-145x VibeLab Standard
Single Input Channel, Sine and Random Vibration Controller
• Plot input, control and drive data
• Save and recall test profiles (programs)
• Save and recall individual test runs
• 2 to 10,000 Hz swept Sine control
• 5 to 2,000 Hz Random vibration control
VL-145s VibeLab Sine
Single Input Channel, Swept Sine Controller
VL-145r VibeLab Random
Single Input Channel, Random Vibration Controller

Sine Vibration Controller (VL-144x, VL-145x, VL-145s)
Sine Test Programming Screen Sine Test Run Screen
Random Vibration Controller (VL-144x, VL-145x, VL-145r)
Random Test Programming Screen Random Test Run Screen
Classical Shock Vibration Controller (VL-144x)
Shock Test Programming Screen Shock Test Run Screen